Modern Real Estate Jobs (Full Time and Part Time Positions)

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Fact: The real estate market across the country is down and housing values have shrunk.

Fiction: The real estate market in Boston is the same as the rest of the country.

Fact: The real estate market is Boston is booming!  The rental market in the Boston area is hot due in part to us being in a protected market.   We have been busy, are currently busy, and will continue to be busy every year..

Who we are:  We are Modern Real Estate, a full service real estate office specializing in high volume rentals throughout the city of Boston and we cater to students, grad students, and professionals.

Our resume:- Modern Real Estate has been in business many years and is not one of those fly by night offices

– Our owners have over 30 years combined real estate knowledge and experiences

– We have a student website that is second to none and professional website that get’s us hundreds of leads a year

– Our managers and owners are hands on and their number one goal is to give you the resources, knowledge, and guidance to succeed

– We average 100k a month as an office

– Our listings (tens of thousands), excellent market knowledge, great reputation, cutting edge technology, and market presence are tops in the market and have been for some time

– We currently have several agents making anywhere from 5k-12k+ every single month

– We are centrally located in Allston which allows us easy access to all parts of the city to accommodate all sorts of clients

– Our office bonus and commission split structure are great..the better you do, the more money you make and the more bonuses you receive..simple as that..

– We have agents and managers that have been with us for years and continually come back as part of our team

–  We are 100% team oriented, we work together to be as successful as possible

What we expect– We expect our agents to be motivated, work hard, and not settle.  We want go-getters, people who are anxious to learn, want to succeed, and have goals they want to reach. We expect people that work here are competitive, personable, and outgoing,  all these qualities directly translate into successful agents.

What we don’t want– We don’t want people that are ok living check to check and don’t want more for themselves.  We don’t want people that have no goals and that work just to work. If you are not willing to work hard, don’t want to make plenty of money, and don’t want to learn then this is not the job for you.

What you need– No experience necessary

-A car

-Real estate license (we will pay for the class as well as paid training)

-A cell phone

***A great work ethic and that little thing inside of you that makes you want to do great and succeed.

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